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     Food and Wine - The result shows not all the wines, but a selection of some we have tasted in recent years.
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Wine from FranceYearNorwaySwedenDenmarkTastedDice
Château Angludet ( Château Angludet )2005950 550201660
Chateau Bouscassé ( Alain Brumont )2010248126132201640
Château Citran ( Château Citran )2015376  20195060
Château La Bourrée ( Vignobles Meynard )2014 89 20164330
Chateau Panet ( Vignobles Carles )2014236  201743
Château Taillefer ( Château Taillefer )2013  309201746
Château Tayac ( Château Tayac )2016 108 201943
Châteauneuf du Pape Terres des Pontifes ( Gabriel Meffre )2013  140201643
Cornas Granit 30 ( Vincent Paris )2011255  201736
Côtes du Rhône ( Domaine de la Janasse )2017150 12520194340
Côtes du Rhône Village Valréas ( Domaine du Séminaire )2015137 6520174040
Domaine des Bertranoux Pécharmant ( SCEA Puy Servain Calabre )2014206  201843
Gigondas Valbelle ( Chateau de Saint Cosme )2005319289 20174640
La Dame de Malescot ( Château Malescot )2012331299 20174650
Saint-Esprit Cotes-du-Rhone ( Delas )2016150109 20184050
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