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Tintara Horseshoe Row CS 2014

Hardys Wines

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Tintara Horseshoe Row CS ( Hardys Wines ) 2014

Tintara Horseshoe Row CS  2014

Winery: Hardys Wines

Australia vin   South Australia, Australia


Price in Denmark: 110 Kr.

Wine: Tintara Horseshoe Row CS ( Hardys Wines ) 2014

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 DateTasting notesDices
Gravatar 10.07.2016 Næse af røg og solbærsyltetøj. Tør og kraftig mund, lidt sticky mundfornemmelse. Ok vin, men i den grad en standardvare fra konsumhylden.


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   Tintara Horseshoe Row CS ( Hardys Wines )

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