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Red Wine Taste Guide

Pirineos Selección Crianza Cabernet Sauvignon ( Bodegas Pirineos ) 2011

Pirineos Selección Crianza Cabernet Sauvignon ( Bodegas Pirineos ) 2011 Great wine for the first BBQ of the year.

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fen2003 Barbera d`alba Superiore ( Fenocchio ) 2014
The wine is light, but with the taste of dark fresh berries. The ending is acid with medium length. This vintage is not a favorite, I feel the wings between a light summer wine and the taste of dark berries wine where there should be a little more fullness.
vigneti-di-torbe Vigneti di Torbe Ripasso ( Domìni Veneti ) 2013
Here we have a wine for the Norwegian palate. It has flavors of sweet dark ripe fruit and with a pleasant acid finish. The wine can be enjoyed alone or on a dark night with pork / spareribs. If I buy this wine again it will be to a summer party where they serve spareribs and where the wine will not be in focus, but this will be satisfactory.
dudon Château Dudon ( Château Dudon ) 2007
Disappointing vintage of this wine. The wine is round and warm in flavor with great smoothness, but flat and little flavor. Here I miss more fruit and freshness.
portuga Portuga ( Casa Santos Lima ) 2014
Simple berry wine, good on the terrace in the summer and can be used as an introduction for those who want to taste red wine for the first time. The wine tastes of fresh fruit, not complicated and has a slightly acidic finish.
berardenga-cc Chianti Classico Berardenga ( Fattoria di Felsina ) 2013
The wine feels warm, slightly cooked and flavors of ripe dark red berries. The wine has medium body and I feel that the ending is a bit tame and disappointing. I'm not really friends with this vintage.
carro Carro Monastrell Viñas Viejas ( Bodegas Barahonda ) 2014
Here we have a really good buy. The wine is dark, juicy and has good body throughout. The taste is fresh, sweet and good all the way. Enjoy it alone or with barbecue, lamb, cheese and wathever goes.
cline-ancient Cline Ancient Vines Zinfandel ( Cline Cellars ) 2014
The wine has a warm fruity taste with a slightly bitter finish. It tastes of ripe dark berries and has an ending that last, but it is easily bitter and marked by a high alcohol level that is dragging down.
armador-cs Armador Cabernet Sauvignon 2016
This is a great vintage with smooth great taste throughout. This is a simple and straightforward wine that is easy to like and can be drunk with food or enjoyed without.
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France Château Meyre ( Château Meyre ) 2014 Terning
USA Rubicon ( Inglenook Vineyards ) 2010 Terning
USA The McNab ( Bonterra Vineyards ) 2007 Terning
USA Cabernet Sauvignon ( Matthiasson Wines ) 2013 Terning
USA Cabernet Sauvignon ( Black Stallion Winery ) 2013 Terning
USA Cabernet Sauvignon ( Joseph Phelps ) 2012 Terning
France Côtes du Rhône ( Domaine Grand Nicolet ) 2014 Terning
Spain Herència del Padrí ( Bernard Magrez ) 2014 Terning
France Côtes du Rhône Rouge ( Domaine de Cristia ) 2014 Terning
France Côtes du Rhône ( Domaine de la Janasse ) 2015 Terning
Spain Gran Sangre de Toro Reserva ( Miguel Torres ) 2011 Terning
France Les Abeilles Côtes du Rhône ( Jean Luc Colombo ) 2015 Terning
Italy Falconieri ( Falesco ) 2014 Terning
Spain Rioja Bordón Gran Reserva ( Bodegas Franco-Españolas ) 2007 Terning
Australia Cabernet Merlot ( Château Tanunda ) 2015 Terning
France Beaujolais Le Ronsay ( Jean-Paul Brun ) 2015 Terning
USA Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir ( Red Car Wine Company ) 2013 Terning
USA The Econic ( Bonterra Vineyards ) 2015 Terning
USA Wente Zinfandel Beyer Ranch ( Wente Vineyards ) 2013 Terning
Germany Spätburgunder ( Weingut Thörle ) 2015 Terning
Italy Barbaresco ( Azienda Agricola Gemma ) 2013 Terning
Italy Epicuro Riserva ( Femar Vini ) 2012 Terning
Italy Ripasso ( Albino Armani ) 2011 Terning
Italy Valpolicella Ripasso ( Luigi Righetti ) 2013 Terning
Italy Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso ( Fabiano ) 2014 Terning

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Côte-Rôtie La Péroline ( Vignobles Levet ) 2013
Betyg: 5. Fyllig, nyanserad av bär och frukt, örter och kryddor, en hint fat. Fruktsyran är markerad, tanninerna balanserade. Det finns en nerv och smak av mineral som är fullkomligt slående! Vintips
La Petit Chapelle ( Paul Jaboulet Aine ) 2014
Betyg: 4+. Fyllig smak. Fruktig och som aningen sötma av bär, tät och strukturerad med strålande elegans. Ett vin att njuta av. Nu till mat men också för att spara, 4 år och därefter håller ni mognadsutvecklingen under uppsikt. Vintips
Crozes-Hermitage Des Grands Chemins ( Delas ) 2013
Betyg: 5. Fylligt vin. Smaken är fruktig, bärig samtidigt ungdomligt stram som generöst mogen. Nyanserna är många som plommon, körsbär, örter, kryddor som svartpeppar och fat. Eftersmaken tät, balanserad. Vintips
Crozes-Hermitage ( E. Guigal ) 2014
Betyg: 3+. Mörk, rödblå färg. Fylligt, spänstigt bärigt, mörkfruktigt vin med sköna kryddnoter, örtig smak, lakrits och en hint fat. Bra längd, balanserade tanniner. Vintips
Tons de Duorum ( Duorum Vinhos ) 2015
Klar djup blåröd färg. Intensiv doft med toner av jordgubbar, björnbär och ek. Smaken är fruktig och medelfyllig med inslag av jordgubbar, björnbär.
Duorum Colheita ( Duorum Vinhos ) 2014
Mörk, blålila färg. Fruktig, kryddig doft med fatkaraktär, inslag av plommon, viol, mörka bär, peppar och vanilj. Mycket fruktigt vin med fatkaraktär, inslag av mörk frukt såsom björnbär, vinbär och plommon och kryddor. Välintegrerade tanniner och bra balans. Långt, elegant avslut.

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