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Red Wine Taste Guide

Carrascal ( Bodega Weinert ) 2013

Carrascal ( Bodega Weinert ) 2013 Good wine at a good price in new vintage.

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secateurs-rb Secateurs Red Blend ( A.A. Badenhorst Family Wines ) 2015
Here we have a soft, sweet and juicy wine with a taste of dark berries and barrels. Great balanced wine in a beautiful vintage. Recommended!
carrascal Carrascal ( Bodega Weinert ) 2013
New vintage of this great wine from Argentina. The wine has a dark feel without feeling too heavy. It has a good and smooth taste all the way with the taste of dark berries, spices and barrels. This vintage is rounder in taste, but lacks a bit of fullness and power compared to 2010, but still a very good buy.
monix Chamonix Rouge ( Chamonix Wine Farm ) 2014
This wine is well balanced with taste of juicy, acid and good fruit. This is a Bordeaux blend from South Africa that I like very well. The finish has a pleasant warm and slightly acidic oak touch. Recommended!
offerus Saint-Joseph Offerus ( Domaine Jean-Louis Chave ) 2009
This is a top vintage with great acidity and freshness. The wine is round and good with an incredibly long and good finish characterized by dry oaky flavor. This wine is absolutely perfect with sirloin fillet seasoned only with salt and pepper.
velvet-fog The Velvet Fog Pinot Noir ( Heirloom Winery ) 2016
This is a young wine with a touch of red berries, strawberries and cherries. It tastes is playful easily and sweet and round fruit. The wine is good in taste, but to me it will be a little too much juice compared to wine. Even to a simple chicken, this wine became too sweet and easy. If you have bought a bottle, I would recommend trying to cool it down a little and drink it alone on the terrace a summer night. Then I think it's coming forward and can be enjoyed as a wine. Overall, this is a disappointment for me.
la-dame La Dame de Malescot ( Château Malescot ) 2012
This is the second wine of Château Malescot. The wine feels matured with lightly soft fruit flavors and an incredibly long and powerful oaky ending. Excellent with red meat, grilled meat or lamb.
vincent Côtes du Rhône Prestige Saint-Vincent ( Gabriel Meffre ) 2015
Here we have a fresh and good berry wine that is easy and tasty. Excellent a summer evening on the terrace or with chicken.
fen2003 Barbera d`alba Superiore ( Fenocchio ) 2014
The wine is light, but with the taste of dark fresh berries. The ending is acid with medium length. This vintage is not a favorite, I feel the wings between a light summer wine and the taste of dark berries wine where there should be a little more fullness.
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Italy Brunello di Montalcino Riserva Poggio al Vento ( Ten. col d`orcia ) 2008 Terning
Italy Nearco Sant`Antimo ( Ten. col d`orcia ) 2013 Terning
Italy Olmaia Sant`Antimo Cabernet ( Ten. col d`orcia ) 2013 Terning
Italy Brunello di Montalcino ( Ten. col d`orcia ) 2012 Terning
Italy Brunello di Montalcino Nastagio ( Ten. col d`orcia ) 2012 Terning
Italy Valpolicella Ripasso ( Le Ragose ) 2013 Terning
USA Backhouse Pinot Noir ( Cecchetti Wine Company ) 2014 Terning
USA Birichino Pinot Noir Saint George ( Birichino ) 2015 Terning
USA 667 Pinot Noir ( Noble Vines ) 2014 Terning
USA Russian River Valley Pinot Noir ( Rodney Strong Vineyards ) 2013 Terning
USA Pinot Noir Russian River ( DeLoach Vineyards ) 2013 Terning
USA Pinot Noir ( Dutcher Crossing Winery ) 2014 Terning
USA Pinot Noir ( Crave Vineyards ) 2013 Terning
USA Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir ( Kutch Winery ) 2014 Terning
USA Riva Ranch Pinot Noir ( Wente Vineyards ) 2013 Terning
USA Merlot ( Shafer Vineyards ) 2014 Terning
Portugal Mafra Baron von Fürstenberg ( Quinta de Sant`Ana ) 2010 Terning
Italy Chianti Classico ( Fontodi ) 2013 Terning
France Château des Jacques Clos de Rochegrès ( Louis Jadot ) 2015 Terning
Spain Ops By Loxarel ( Masía Can Mayol ) 2015 Terning
Spain Luis Cañas Gran Reserva ( Luis Cañas ) 2010 Terning
Chile Estate Seires Carménère ( Errazuriz winery ) 2015 Terning
France Cotes du Rhone ( Château Malijay ) 2015 Terning
Spain Lealtanza Crianza ( Altanza ) 2014 Terning
France Château Lanessan ( Château Lanessan ) 1999 Terning

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Brunello di Montalcino Riserva Poggio al Vento ( Ten. col d`orcia ) 2008
94/100 Kompleks aromabilde. En av de virkelige store vinopplevelse man kan ha. Lang konsentrert ettersmak.
Magasinet Vinofil
Nearco Sant`Antimo ( Ten. col d`orcia ) 2013
88/100 Fruktdrevet stil med røde bær, blåbær, anis og kanel på duft. Konsentrert syrlighet og lang lengde. Meget god matvin!
Magasinet Vinofil
Olmaia Sant`Antimo Cabernet ( Ten. col d`orcia ) 2013
88/100 Sorte bær, skogsbær og anis på duft. Fatpreget, konsentrert fruktighet med lang balansert syrlighet. Moderate tanniner.
Magasinet Vinofil
Brunello di Montalcino ( Ten. col d`orcia ) 2012
91/100 Kirsebær og krydder på duft. Fruktdrevet blåplomme og rød frukt i ettersmaken. Balansert syrlighet og tanninstruktur.
Magasinet Vinofil
Brunello di Montalcino Nastagio ( Ten. col d`orcia ) 2012
92/100 Kirsebær, røde bær og krydder på duft. Konsentrert nydelig utgave. Moden fruktdrevet stil. God matvin!
Magasinet Vinofil
Trio Merlot Carmenère Cabernet Sauvignon ( Concha y Toro ) 2015
för 85 kronor är en utmärkt, svartfruktig, ung och en aningen mullig bordeauxblend från Chile’s utmärkta vinklimat. Kommer från distriktet Rapel, som främst är känt för sina röda viner. Görs av stora vinfirma Concha y Toro och är ett perfekt vin när man vill ha ett seriöst rejält fruktigt vin till rimligt pris. Vintips

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