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Red Wine Taste Guide


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Red Wine Taste Guide

Barbera d`Asti Vespa ( Cascina Castlet ) 2013

Barbera d`Asti Vespa ( Cascina Castlet ) 2013 This is a great everyday wine with a lot of wine for the money.

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cune-crianza Cune Crianza ( C.V.N.E. ) 2012
This is an easy wine to like and drink compared to reserva and gran reserva wines that are more advanced and needs some food. It has flavors of dark fruits and a slightly dry finish. I miss a little more freshness in this, even reserva wines have plenty of freshness and then I expected even more freshness in this. Anyway this wine offers great value and works well as an everyday wine or just for plesure.
cune-gr Cune Gran Reserva ( C.V.N.E. ) 2008
Although there is a gran reserva is still has fresh fruit flavor with nice sweetness. It has a longer, fuller and more taste of oak compared with the reserva wine, but overall they are quite similar. Both wines are great and simple and very easy to like. Like the reserva wine this is also the best with some food. Lamb or venison also here.
cune-r Cune Reserva ( C.V.N.E. ) 2010
Classic wonderful simple fresh fruit with soft taste and great acid feeling, long dry finish with oak. The wine is easy to like, but is probably best with some food. Lamb or venison works excellent.
passopisciaro Passopisciaro Rosso ( Passopisciaro ) 2008
This is a discovery of than wine and it emerges with lovely texture and richness in its elegant with silky tannins. The wine literally floats on the palate with layers of perfumed red fruits. Everything is perfectly balanced in this harmonious and totally spotless wine. I do not know the grape, but it tastes like a fresh pinot noir at the start and as a matured Bordeaux wine in the ending. The wine changed its name from 2013 vintage to Passorosso and it is made of grapes from different altitudes and soils near Etna. The first vintage of wine is 2001.
ventos Quinta de Bons Ventos ( Casa Santos Lima ) 2014
I bought this wine for the reason that I had not tasted it before. Much of the pleasure of wine tasting is to try new wines. The wine gives an OK first impression with good taste and body throughout. It is very simple and easy to drink and tastes of sweet soft fruit and have a oaky and slightly bitter finish. With the little bitternes that are in it I would recommend something to chew to go with it. It can act as an everyday wine, but nothing beyond that.
zacc Montepulciano d`abruzzo ( Zaccagnini ) 2015
This wine is incredibly popular in Norway and it is probably possible 'engineered' for the Norwegian market. It has good rich flavor all the way, but for me it is something boring and I wish it had more fruity and fresher taste. The taste is sweet as many likes it and therefore it is very popular.
portada-ws Portada Winemaker`s Selection ( D.F.J. Vinhos ) 2015
The wine tastes of sweet red fruit without freshness and with an ending that is short and dull.
casina05 Barbera d`Asti Vespa ( Cascina Castlet ) 2013
Juicy wine with touches of red berries and herbs. Medium body and a good, slightly acid finish.
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France Révélation Pinot Noir ( Badet Clément ) 2015 Terning
Italy Sasyr ( Rocca delle Macìe ) 2012 Terning
Argentine Unánime ( Mascota Vineyards ) 2012 Terning
Spain Ramón Valle ( Bodegas Peique ) 2014 Terning
Italy Epicuro Zinfandel ( Femar Vini ) 2014 Terning
Australia Banrock Station Shiraz Mataro ( Hardys Wines ) 2015 Terning
France Côtes du Rhône Roulepierre ( Pierre Amadieu ) 2015 Terning
Spain Muga Reserva ( Bodegas Muga ) 2011 Terning
Spain Vega Gran Reserva ( Rioja Vega ) 2007 Terning
Spain Cune Gran Reserva ( C.V.N.E. ) 2008 Terning
France Gevrey-Chambertin ( Louis Boillot ) 2004 Terning
Newzealand Valli Waitaki Vineyard Pinot Noir ( Valli ) 2012 Terning
Italy Teroldego Rotaliano ( Foradori ) 2012 Terning
Italy Primitivo di Manduria ( Soloperto ) 2014 Terning
Italy Valpolicella Classico ( Allegrini ) 2015 Terning
Italy Barbera d`Alba ( Vajra ) 2014 Terning
Argentine Unánime ( Mascota Vineyards ) 2012 Terning
Italy Chianti Classico Terre di Prenzano ( Villa Vignamaggio ) 2015 Terning
France Côtes du Rhône ( Domaine de Javone ) 2015 Terning
Spain Celeste ( Miguel Torres ) 2013 Terning
France Le Petite Scarabee ( Domaine des Escaravailles ) 2014 Terning
Australia Stamp Shiraz Cabernet ( Hardys Wines ) 2016 Terning
Safrica Klein Steenberg ( Steenberg ) 2012 Terning
Spain Edicion Limitada ( Rioja Vega ) 2014 Terning
Chile Me Gusta Carmenere ( Balduzzi ) 2016 Terning

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Révélation Pinot Noir ( Badet Clément ) 2015
Let, frisk og ret anonym vin med toner af hindbærbolsjer, gummi og råt træ. O.k. balance, men slutter brat og savner tæthed og intensitet.
Sasyr ( Rocca delle Macìe ) 2012
Middelfyldig, krydret og letdrikkelig vin med toner af kirsebær, peber, muld og krydderurter. Relativt saftig og god balance, men ret enkel.
Unánime ( Mascota Vineyards ) 2012
Fyldig, kraftfuld og intens vin med solmodent mørkt bærpræg og sødmefuldt vaniljeagtigt fadpræg, der dominerer smagen. Slutter lidt tørt og absolut bedst til rødt kød.
Ramón Valle ( Bodegas Peique ) 2014
Middelfyldig, saftig og bærpræget vin. Ungdommelig og lidt hvalpet fremtoning med yoghurttone, blåbær og et krydret strejf. Fin friskhed og balance, en smule enkel i forhold til prisen.
Epicuro Zinfandel ( Femar Vini ) 2014
Fyldig, sødmefuld og kraftfuld vin med toner af (over)modne blommer, amarenakirsebær, gummi og træ. Stor intensitet, men savner struktur, og alkoholen brænder lidt.
Banrock Station Shiraz Mataro ( Hardys Wines ) 2015
Middelfyldig, enkel og ret krydret vin med præg af fuldmodne mørke bær, peber, røg og lakridsvingummi. Pæn balance og intensitet. Lidt kluntet i stilen og til den sødmefulde side.

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