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Red Wine Taste Guide


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Red Wine Taste Guide

Egri Bikavér ( Gál Lajos ) 2018

Egri Bikavér ( Gál Lajos ) 2018 It is easy to like and easy to drink.

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Bottle Kékfrankos ( Bolyki János ) 2018
I do not quite get the great wine feel of this wine. It tips more towards a good acid juice with some herbs. It tastes of red berries, fresh and fruity with a short finish.
Bottle Cune Crianza ( C.V.N.E. ) 2016
This vintage is clean, wonderful and fresh with flavors of ripe red berries and plums. The finish is beautiful with a bit of barrel character in it. The wine is easy to like and easy to drink.
Bottle Y Series Tempranillo ( Yalumba winery ) 2019
Beautiful full-bodied and smooth tempranillo from Australia with a juicy taste of ripe berries and herbs. It has a lot of flavor, but not as powerful as some Spanish can be. The finish has a good length.
Bottle Egri Bikavér ( Gál Lajos ) 2018
Very well composed wine with a juicy taste of dark berries and spices. It is easy to like and easy to drink. Recommended! also for beginners.
Bottle Taurasi ( Villa Raiano ) 2014
This is a very good wine with good full-bodied taste all the way. It tastes of dark berries, a little spice and cask. The finish is lovely with excellent sour dryness. Hive it on a carafe if you drink it 2020-2021.
Bottle Shiraz Cabernet ( Rosemount ) 2019
This vintage is not a favorite. It has the taste of dark and sweet berries with a finish that is soft, but feels slightly bitter even with quite a lot of sugar content.
Bottle Vega Vella ( Bodegas Cornelio Dinastia ) 2019
The wine has a great dark taste of fresh fruit with good body and nice length. Classic flavors from Rioja. Misses a little more freshness in the ending and thinks the 2018 vintage was a little better.
Bottle El Picaro ( Bodega Matsu ) 2019
The wine has good fullness without feeling too heavy. Great fresh, juicy taste. The finish has sweetness and it is a little dry. Dette er en nydelig sammensatt vin.

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France Château Brun ( Château Brun ) 2013 Terning
France Blason d`issan Margaux ( Château d`Issan ) 2015 Terning
Italy Chianti Classico ( Castell`in Villa ) 2016 Terning
Italy Barolo ( Poderi Luigi Einaudi ) 2016 Terning
Italy Barbera d`Alba Conca Tre Pile ( Aldo Conterno ) 2016 Terning
Italy Barolo ( Marchesi di Barolo ) 2015 Terning
Italy Villa Puccini ( Castellani ) 2015 Terning
Italy Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso ( Speri ) 2017 Terning
Italy Collezione `53 Primitivo di Manduria ( Feudi Salentini ) 2015 Terning
Argentine La Mascota Shiraz ( Mascota Vineyards ) 2018 Terning
France Côtes du Rhône Villages ( La Bastide Saint Dominique ) 2017 Terning
Spain Tesalia ( Bodega Tesalia ) 2016 Terning
Spain Arx ( Bodega Tesalia ) 2017 Terning
Portugal Colinas Reserva ( Colinas de São Lourenco ) 2011 Terning
Portugal Touriga Vai Nua ( Fitapreta Vinhos ) 2019 Terning
Portugal Periquita ( J.M. Da Fonseca ) 2018 Terning
Lebanon Le Cedre de Beyrouth ( Winemarked ) 2017 Terning
France Château la Tour de By ( Château la Tour de By ) 2016 Terning
Austria Burgenland Red ( Meinklang ) 2018 Terning
France Châteauneuf-du-Pape ( Domaine Saint Préfert ) 2010 Terning
France Château de Lamarque ( Château de Lamarque ) 2014 Terning
France Chateau Coufran ( Chateau Coufran ) 2010 Terning
Australia Y Series Tempranillo ( Yalumba winery ) 2019 Terning
Spain Cune Gran Reserva ( C.V.N.E. ) 2013 Terning
Spain Vega Vella ( Bodegas Cornelio Dinastia ) 2019 Terning

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Blason d`issan Margaux ( Château d`Issan ) 2015
89/100 Oppleves som fast og kraftfull i munnen, flott syrlighet og faste tanniner. Lang fast avslutning.
Chianti Classico ( Castell`in Villa ) 2016
86/100 Dette er klassisk Chianti Classico som dufter av kirsebær, skogbunn, krydder og hint av fat. Oppleves som fast og elegant i munnen, god syrlighet og godt integrerte tanniner. Fast, bærpreget avslutning.
Barbera d`Asti ( Zengarello ) 2019
Zengarello Barbera d’Asti 2019 smakar av härligt solmogna körsbär, hallon och kryddor med en lätt ekton. Serveras helst källarsvalt till rätter av nöt eller vilt, gärna med smörstekta kantareller och vitlöksrostad potatis. Älskar du pizza? Prova att lägga på kantareller, buffelmozarella och färsk timjan – en perfekt matchning till vinet.
Barolo ( Poderi Luigi Einaudi ) 2016
92/100 Varm krydret næse. Flot stringent og klassisk i udtrykket med kirsebær, kamfer, lakrids og vanilje i smagen. En flot Barolo især til prisen med et pænt potentiale.
Barbera d`Alba Conca Tre Pile ( Aldo Conterno ) 2016
92/100 Sorte blommer i duften. En fyldig men samtidig imødekommende barbera med masser af intense sorte bær, animalske noter, krydderier og violer i smagen. Flot koncentration og en lang vedvarende afslutning.
Barolo ( Marchesi di Barolo ) 2015
92/100 Lys krydret med kirsebær, kamfer, sød lakrids, tobak og vanilje i smagen. Pæn struktur og længde. Meget klassisk fra et godt år.
Villa Puccini ( Castellani ) 2015
88/100 Frugtig meget ligefrem i udtrykket. Sorte bær, tobak og strejf vanilje i smagen. Velbalanceret med modne noter i smagen. Krydret fin afslutning.
Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso ( Speri ) 2017
90/100 Mørke bær i næsen. Flot intensitet og tydelig ripasso karakter med sødmefulde krydderier, sveske og vanilje præg. Pænt balanceret med en lang afslutning. Klassisk flot ripasso.
Collezione `53 Primitivo di Manduria ( Feudi Salentini ) 2015
91/100 Sort og intens i duften med masser af sorte bær. Koncentreret og potent i stilen drevet af brombær, lakrids, sort peber og vanilje i smagen. Krydret lang afslutning. Vellavet seriøs vin.
La Mascota Shiraz ( Mascota Vineyards ) 2018
88/100 Masser af sorte bær i duften. Imødekommende ligefrem i smagen med en pæn koncentration og intensitet. Den er simpel men til prisen er det en god vellavet vin.

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