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Valpolicella Superiore 2006


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Valpolicella Superiore ( Musella ) 2006

Italy vin   Red wine from wine district: Veneto

Wine: Valpolicella Superiore ( Musella ) 2006

Grape : 70% corvina och corvinone, 20% rondinella and 10% barbera.

Price in Sweden: 99 Kr.

Systembolaget Sweden: 2393

Winery web site: Musella
Food to wine: Chicken,pizza or pasta.

Tasting notes - 2009

This is again a great Valpolicella from Italy with tastes of red cherries. This wine is young and fresh togheter with round and good in taste. This is absolutely on of the best buyes in Sweden. We do recommend this wine.

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   Valpolicella Superiore ( Musella )

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