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California Red  

Carlo Rossi

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California Red ( Carlo Rossi )

USA vin   Red wine from wine district: California

Wine: California Red ( Carlo Rossi )


Vintage 2004

Tasting notes  -  2004

The wine is young with distinguished taste of red berries.

Morten Tone       smile
Language norsk

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Price in Norway: NKr.: 79


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Carlo Rossi
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Gravatar Asadha 10.01.2010 I tried Carlo Rossi bought from a Military Canteen. It''s milder than Grover''s.Wonderful when compared to the foul smelling ''coloured sugar water''which we call wine here in India. 0
Gravatar Dr GK Pande 24.01.2014 Tasted the wine at 58 F. Tastes a little bitter then my favourite Golconda Ruby wine, good aroma and gives a good feeling. 33
Gravatar Peter 28.02.2015 Surprisingly good. Smooth and medium body. 0

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Red wine - California Red ( Carlo Rossi )  

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California Red ( Carlo Rossi )   

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