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Estate Seires Carménère 2013

Errazuriz winery

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Estate Seires Carménère ( Errazuriz winery ) 2013

Chile vin   Aconcagua, Chile

Wine: Estate Seires Carménère ( Errazuriz winery ) 2013

Grape : Carménère 100%.

Price in Norway: 210 Kr.

Vinmonopolet Norway: 5907901

Winery: Errazuriz winery


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Gravatar 22.03.2015 Carmenere is one of Chiles flagship red grapes. Deep red colour. Aromas of blackberries and figs underlined with pepper, chocolate and violets dominate the nose of this well-balanced wine. It is well structured with good acidity and ripe tannins. Persistent finish. Enjoy with baked pastas, hard cheeses, roasted root vegetables, lamb stews, medium-rare hamburgers, cold cuts.

Hrayr Berberoglu
Gravatar 25.04.2015 link
Gravatar 08.05.2015 link

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   Estate Seires Carménère ( Errazuriz winery )

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