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Profundo 2004


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Profundo ( Bressia ) 2004

Argentine vin   Mendoza, Argentine

Wine: Profundo ( Bressia ) 2004

Grape : Malbec, cabernet sauvignon, merlot and syrah.

Price in Sweden: 209 Kr.

Systembolaget Sweden: 97793


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Gravatar 28.11.2008
Gravatar 05.12.2008
Gravatar 06.12.2008
Gravatar 06.07.2010 The Bressia Profundo 2004 is by far one of the best wines in the country for the price. It may not be Bressia''s icon-level wine, but it is superior to numerous Argentine iconos that I''ve tried nonetheless. First things first: The Profundo is a blend of Malbec (highest proportion), Cabernet Sauvignon (2nd highest), Merlot, and Syrah. It''s Bressia''s middle-range wine, though it''s still pricey by Argentine standards. It has a beautiful, ruby color, with red and orange tints. It also has a strong, dirt aroma, which makes it smell very fresh. There are also numerous fruits in the nose, especially plums, along with some pepper. The taste is strong, though not overpowering. The wine does have great complexity though. It starts with the strong oakiness of tannins and a lot of fruitiness. But it also picks up a smoky spiciness, especially in the finish.

Edmund Mokhtarian
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   Profundo ( Bressia )

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