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Gioia del Colle Primitivo 2006

Cantine del Colle

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Gioia del Colle Primitivo ( Cantine del Colle ) 2006

Italy vin   Red wine from wine district: Apulia

Wine: Gioia del Colle Primitivo ( Cantine del Colle ) 2006

Grape : Primitivo 100%.

Tasting notes - 2012

This wine tastes of sweet dark berries. It has nice body a long way, but is a little thin towards the end while being a bit sharp in the fininsh. Sweetness covers most of the sharpness so it's easy to like and you can drink it without any food.

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Price Norway: 141 Kr.

Norway: 9630601

Food to wine:
Chicken, veal og pasta.
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Gravatar Steinar Pladsen 29.07.2012 Rosa farge,avbalansert og behagelig syrlighet. Lite tanniner, passe litt bitter søtlig ettersmak av kirsebær og frukt. 100% Primitivo. Umiddelbart en vin som mange kan like. Passende til kylling eller medium sauser/medium krydret. Men også ganske god å nyte etter maten :-) 43
Gravatar 29.09.2012 Link 40
Gravatar Dagbladet 20.10.2012 Link 30
Gravatar 20.10.2012 Link 0
Gravatar Magasinet Vinofil 11.05.2015 86 Poeng 50
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   Gioia del Colle Primitivo ( Cantine del Colle )

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