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Red Wine

Red Wine Taste Guide

Red Wine Taste Guide

Carrascal ( Bodega Weinert ) 2010
Carrascal ( Bodega Weinert ) 2010 This is a good wine for the barbecue.

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Latest tasting notes by guests
The Plateau HB Pinot Noir ( Sileni Estates ) 2013
Light in colour, intensely fruity (cherries) medium-bodied and complex 89+/100
Hrayr Berberoglu
The Triangle HB Merlot ( Sileni Estates ) 2013
This wine is a blend or mainly merlot with small amounts of malbec and cabernet franc. The plum aromas dominated the nose. In the mouth, the wine tasted medium-bodied but intense with a long and satisfying finish. 90+/100
Hrayr Berberoglu
FDR1A Eden Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz ( Yalumba winery ) 2005
This outstanding brilliant crimson coloured wine from possibly the oldest winery in Australia (founded 1848), will please any Australian, or any red wine aficionado with its generous fruit, extract and outstanding flavour. Long and profound aftertaste, 91/100
Hrayr Berberoglu
The Visionary Cabernet Sauvignon ( Wakefield Wines ) 2009
An exceptional cabernet sauvignon from an old vineyard, this wine will provide immense pleasure when paired with medium-rare grilled steaks, or game stews, or roast rack of venison. 91/100
Hrayr Berberoglu
St. Andrewès Shiraz ( Wakefield Wines ) 2012
Brilliant red colour. Ripe berry aromas waft out of the glass. In the mouth, the intensity and complexity of this wine evolve. Long and memorable finish Cellar for three to five years for more complexity. 92+/100
Hrayr Berberoglu
The Armagh Shiraz ( Jim Barry ) 2006
An absolutely delightful, fruity, powerful, and expertly balanced wine, ready to enjoy with deeply flavoured foods. 90/100
Hrayr Berberoglu
Patricia Cabernet Sauvignon ( Brown Brothers ) 2009
A stunning, well-extracted,flavourful, powerful and balanced wine aged for 17 months in french oak barrels. Expertly balanced with a fine mouth feel and long aftertaste. 90+/100
Hrayr Berberoglu
Bodegas Valenciso Reserva ( Bodegas Valenciso ) 2007
This reserva offers berry aromas, is medium-bodied, with a refreshing acidity and lively mouth feel. 90/100
Hrayr Berberoglu
Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon ( Silenus Winery ) 2010
Deep dark red, Aromas of black currants, blackberry jam and milk chocolate jump out of the glass. Ripe tannins in the mouth add another layer to the texture. Full bodied, deeply flavoured with a long aftertaste. Cellar for five to eight years for more refinement. 92/100
Hrayr Berberoglu
Terroir Series Cabernet Sauvignon ( Kaiken Wines ) 2012
This blend of cabernet sauvignon, malbec (12 per cent) and petit verdot (8) smells of cherries, cassis, plums, tobacco, coconut, and vanilla. Well structured and finely balanced with a lot of taste at a very attractive price. 90/100
Hrayr Berberoglu
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Red wine should be served at the correct temperature (16-18 degrees for most) and a great tulip shaped and large wine glasses are also important to enjoy its full extent. Many people drink it too warm.


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