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Red Wine

Red Wine Taste Guide

Red Wine Taste Guide

Pinot Noir ( The Crossings Estate ) 2013
Pinot Noir ( The Crossings Estate ) 2013 Summer wine

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Latest tasting notes by guests
Simi Cabernet Sauvignon 2004
Silky wine with elements of plum and berry. Great wine for any occasion.
Nature ( Paço dos Cunhas de Santar ) 2012
Hrayr Berberoglu
Quinta Vale D. Maria ( José Maria da Fonseca/van Zeller ) 2012
Hrayr Berberoglu
Grand`Arte Touriga Nacional ( D.F.J. Vinhos ) 2012
Hrayr Berberoglu
Reserva ( Cortes de Cima ) 2011
Hrayr Berberoglu
Terra Boa ( Caves Aliança ) 2013
Hrayr Berberoglu
Nemea Reserve ( Parparoussis Winery ) 2010
Hrayr Berberoglu
JC Vizcarra ( Bodegas Vizcarra ) 2011
Purple ruby colour. Offers strawberry and blueberry aromas, underlined with floral elements. Complex, layered flavours, balanced and harmony of all flavours make this wine worth every penny. Pair with roasted leg of lamb, grilled or pan-fried lamb chops. pastas with meat sauce, pizzas, grilled or pan-fried meatballs and French fried. 90+/100
Hrayr Berberoglu
Châteauneuf du Pape Domaine Grand Veneur Les Origines ( Alain Jaume ) 2012
A blend of grencahe, syrah, and mourdvedre. An excellent sample of a full bodied, powerful, balanced, fruity (black raspberries) and hints of violets. Will benefit from 5 - 8 years of cellaring. If you decide to enjoy now, pair with game stew, or roasted rack of venison and brown cream sauce. 90+/100
Hrayr Berberoglu
Lily`s Garden ( Two Hands ) 2012
Intense brilliant red. Explodes with blackberry aromas and hints of rose petal and mint. Harmonious, layered, and intense and powerful. 91+/100
Hrayr Berberoglu
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Red wine should be served at the correct temperature (16-18 degrees for most) and a great tulip shaped and large wine glasses are also important to enjoy its full extent. Many people drink it too warm.


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