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Château La Croix de St.Georges ( La Croix St Georges ) 2007
Château La Croix de St.Georges ( La Croix St Georges ) 2007 Great wine to chicken or turkey.
In Winesworld’s wine guide there are only red wine and only bottles with 75 cl.
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Recently commented Wine reviews by guests
Wine Chianti Classico ( Fontodi ) 2009
I had this wine at a local restaurant and it was absolutely delicious. It was full body and low tannins.
Wine Pinot Noir ( Kim Crawford wines ) 2011
I give this wine 5 stars. It has such a rich flavor from Marlbrough. Kim Crawford wines never disappoint.
Wine Rosso di Montepulciano ( Salcheto ) 2013
grumpy taste
Wine Mercurey ( Pierre Ponnelle ) 2010
One of my favorites.
AC Cole
Wine Lurton Malbec Reserva ( J and F Lurton ) 2007
I enjoyed this wine very much. It is certainly one of the top malbec for its quality vs price ratio. I has flavors of blackberry and is dark red with robustness and richness in texture.I hope you enjoy this wine as much as I did.
Quick Stop Wine & Liquor
Wine Morgon ( Georges Duboeuf ) 2010
I''ve tried this wine too with a couple of friends and it was really lovely. I like the aroma. Fine wine you have here.
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Wine drinking should be fun and can be a great experience and one thing that is constantly changing. Do not worry, let the wine drinking be fun and with a few key points, you can start your vinreise for great discoveries.

Red wine should be served at the correct temperature (16-18 degrees for most) and a great tulip shaped and large wine glasses are also important to enjoy the wine its full extent. Many people drink red wine too warm.